Q: Can you start series “x”?
For the most part, I scanlate series that I’m interested in (Comic GT only) so It depends on the series and if we have translators or a team to work on it. If you’re willing to provide the translations then please contact me.

Q: Why are the releases for series “x” so slow?

We aren’t a business. We do this for our own enjoyment, and we do have endeavours outside of scanlating that we want to pursue.

Basically, I am buying the chapters, the translators have to translate it, we spend our own time editing the chapters for you, and paying for website hosting so that you can read it. If you’re not helping, and yet have complaints and hassle me, then write your complaints down on a sheet of paper, soak it in water, freeze it overnight, then jam it up your A-word. If you think I’m an A-hole, make sure to let the world know, and see if I care.

Q: Can you pick up “x” series?

​Before you recommend a series to pick up, please check if the series is being done by anyone else and if the previous group actually dropped it or if it’s simply delayed. If the series is being done by another group, then I won’t bother. Next, we can only pick up series there if there is a team interested in doing it. Lastly, please stick to Comic Gt series.

​Q: How do donations work?

When you donate via Patreon your donation will appear on the page, and you’ll be given immediate access to the patron only content and the rewards. Now, even though your donation will appear on the page in a few minutes/hours (Patreon verification time) you WON’T be charged immediately. Patreon will charge you at the beginning of the new month. For example, if you donate on the 26th February, you WON’T be charged until the 1st March. I DO NOT process any payments of sorts, so your details are safe. You’ll not be locked into any contract and can withdraw at any time.

Essentially, you’ll have the opportunity to TRIAL the experience, and if you feel like my efforts are unworthy of your support, you may stop your donations at any time, and I won’t have any hard feelings towards you.

Try the patron benefits now by clicking here.

PS. I won’t be asking for raw providers or using one, and I’ll purchase them directly from the official publisher.

Q: Can I donate through Paypal?
​Two things,
1) Patreon now allows donating through your paypal account.

2) I’m sticking with only patreon because I want to be transparent. You can see exactly how much in donations I get and ensure the number of chapters I release correspond to that. Paypal on the other hand doesn’t allow me to show that, and I don’t want to be snooping around. I want to be transparent, so that you can be at ease and know well and truly that I’m not ripping you off.

To side track a bit, I also don’t want to be that guy who’s got someone providing raws, translations, free hosting and everything else for free, but still asking for donations. This is purely fan work. If we ever get to the point where I can get us a kick-ass website, then I may ask for some help with covering the server costs, but not when it’s free. There’s a line I’m not willing to cross.

Q: Will we ever get to see raws?

If I ever have one of those “I just feel like teasing you because I’m an ass :P” days, I might screenshot a panel to mess with you, but I won’t re-host raws, and please don’t link to raws re-hosting sites. There’s a level of decency I’d like to maintain.

If you wish to buy raw chapters from the official publisher, you can do so, and I encourage you to, but please don’t re-share here. Ideally I’d like to ask you not to share elsewhere as well, but that’s outside of my jurisdiction.