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Here Comes the Fiancee 09

Here Comes the Fiancee

I apologise for the delay with this series recently, being busy with real life, moving to the new site and then catching up with all the other series. I’m currently typesetting all of our series on my own (with the exception of TSG and Black June) and could frankly use a hand. If you’d like to help out, just reach out to me on Discord.

In other news, GoS have decided to jump in and do the remastered version of this series “Cohabitation with the Fiancee”, knowing full-well we were working on it. I don’t know why they decided to do that so don’t ask. To be fully honest with you, we will be dropping the remastered version unless a dedicated redrawer and typesetter step up and are very keen on it. First, it’s a waste of time if two groups work on the same series. Second, the effort with regards to communication and initiative between the two in those respective roles have been the equivalent of non-existent thus far. If you would like to work on it and can fulfill those roles or otherwise know someone who can work with you on it, feel free to let me know. Be aware that you will be doing it for enjoyment and not to spite GoS or whatever other reason.

Interested? Here are the requirements.

A) Can redraw/typeset, sorry but I have no spare time to teach atm
B) Can communicate without needing me to hold your hand like you’re three because Umaru season 2 is airing
C) Can be consistent and practice discipline
D) Can take the initiative to take action steps in order to on top of things, and know to notify me if you are experiencing trouble you can’t overcome on your own

Now, without further ago, click the image below to read the chapter!

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